The Forlong Lodge has a lounge and kitchenette: 6 bunkrooms x 8 beds & 3 bunkrooms x 4 beds, each bunkroom having shower & toilet facilities.

The Highland Homestead is divided into 3 bunkrooms x 8 beds. These bunkrooms have showers and toilets a short walk through a covered walkway. Our large recreation hall is ideal for indoor games and basketball. Our grounds are suitable for most outdoor games and there is ample room for tent sites.



All meals are prepared and cooked by our camp cook’s. HHCC has a reputation for providing excellent meals.

Camp fees include breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drinks (tea, coffee, milo & sugar) are provided for morning and afternoon tea and supper. We also provide all crockery and cutlery required.

Groups are required to bring their own biscuits and cakes for morning and afternoon tea and supper.


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