Sports Equipment: HHCC does not provide any sports equipment. Groups must supply their own. ie: cricket bat, basket ball etc.

Initiatives Team Building: This activity is for building confidence in individuals and as a team.  The aim of these activities is to complete tasks as a team using everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, listening and supporting each other to complete the task.

Burma Trail: This activity is following a rope through the bush.  It can be used during the day with blindfolds (provided) or at night.  Students can go through in pairs as a guide then go individually at intervals.

Shooting Gallery: How good is your aim?  You can find out on our target sheets in a safe and controlled environment. 

BMX/Longboards: This activity is run using our carpark and field. Set-up your own challenging courses and ride away! Participants need to bring their own bike helmet.

Geocaching: This activity uses GPS to find locations on site to complete an answer sheet.

Look-Out Walk: The look-out is situated directly behind camp and offers wonderful views of the valley.  Opportunity for diary writing, sketching and photography.  This is a 40 min round trip and is not suitable for short rotation times.  

Glow Worm Grotto: We have an amazing Glow Worm Grotto available to us. This makes for a great evening activity. It is a 40min walk (one way) or 5 min drive. 

Marshmallow Pit: BYO marshmallows.  This is a fun activity around a camp fire or brazier and can be used as a fun time of singing or story telling around the camp fire, marshmallow or damper cooking.  

Top Team: This activity is run by our staff.  It is an hour activity of tabloid activities and run as a whole group.   

Water-slide: BYO detergent.  The waterslide is a large strip of PVC used with a hose.  Fun for large groups.

Caving – Introductory: We have an introductory caving activity in the valley.  No experience or qualifications required to self-lead this activity.  This is a 20min drive further up the valley.  BYO bike helmets. 

Due to our commitment to safety, some of your chosen activities may be cancelled due to environmental conditions on the day and or restrictions out of our control.


The Forlong Lodge has a lounge and kitchenette: 6 bunkrooms x 8 beds & 3 bunkrooms x 4 beds, each bunkroom having shower & toilet facilities.
The Highland Homestead is divided into 3 bunkrooms x 8 beds. These bunkrooms have showers and toilets a short walk through a covered walkway. Our large recreation hall is ideal for indoor games and basketball. Our grounds are suitable for most outdoor games and there is ample room for tent sites.

All meals are prepared and cooked by our camp cook’s. HHCC has a reputation for providing excellent meals.
Camp fees include breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drinks (tea, coffee, milo & sugar) are provided for morning and afternoon tea and supper. We also provide all crockery and cutlery required.
Groups are required to bring their own biscuits and cakes for morning and afternoon tea and supper.


Fern Walk – 10min drive – 2 to 3 hr duration, moderate level of fitness

Pettifar & Gilchrist Loop Tracks – 2 min drive or 10min walk on road – 2 – 3 hr duration, low to moderate fitness.

Nature Trails in Reserve – 4 min drive or 15 min walk on road – 10min to 1 hr , low fitness

Gorge Walk – 30 min drive – 3 to 5 hrs one way – Moderate+ fitness

Gorge Walk Tawa Loop – 1.5 to 2 hrs western end of Gorge – Moderate fitness

Totara Reserve & Pohangina River – 20/40 min walk or 5 min drive The Totara reserve is developing an exciting, interactive playground. It has access to the Pohangina River. This is a good place for swimming or useful for other activities in and out of the water.

River Study (FREE) – Horizons Regional Council can provide a staff member to do a river study with your students. This is called WAIORA. To find out more information contact Helen Thomas – Environmental Educator on or call on 06 9522800.

Ashhurst Domain – 30 Min drive – Large park area, play ground, 10 min walk to Manawatu Rive

ASHHURST, POHANGINA, PALMERSTON NORTH & FEILDING also offer some wonderful activities: The Herb Farm, Cartwheel Creamery, Te Manawa Museum, Old Coach Museum, Makino Pool, Lido Pool, Inflatable World etc…