Safety Management

We work very hard at HHCC to manage your safety during your visit with us. We know this is a prime consideration for many people booking an outdoor programme, and be assured it is the top of our priorities as well. It is important to realise however, that the outdoors and activities carried out at HHCC contain risks that can not be completely eliminated. To successfully remove all risks, would destroy the unique character that takes people into the outdoors.

While at HHCC you may live, travel, and camp outdoors as part of your programme. Activities vary greatly and you may visit remote places some distance from base camp and medical facilities where communication and transportation is difficult and sometimes evacuation and medical care may be delayed.

We are not telling you this to frighten you, or reduce your enthusiasm for coming to camp, but we believe it is important for you to know the risks in advance so that you can make informed decisions about your programme.

Suggested Gear

Sleeping bag
(plastic sheet for be wetters)
Pillow and case
Nightwear – warm
2 Towels for showers and washing
Toiletries and medication
3 Handkerchiefs
3 Shirts
2 T-shirts
1 or 2 Warm Jerseys or bush shirts
2 Sweatshirts
2 Pair shorts
4 Changes underwear
2 Pairs long trousers/trackpants
5 Pairs warm socks
1 Waterproof raincoat
1 Warm hat/sun hat
2 Pair sneakers or shoes
1 Torch (suggested D size batteries)
Sunscreen and lip salve
Large plastic bag for dirty washing
Day pack
Pencil and pen with camp book
1 Container of home baking
Cylce helmet (caving)
Money for Drink Vendor,
Washing Machine,
Dryer & Telephone
Essential for the first day – BRING A PACKED LUNCH AND DRINK!

Group Duties

Where the majority of the camp are children we insist that at least one adult is included with each group setting & clearing

4 people required each meal (including 1 adult)

Report to the kitchen 15 minutes prior to each meal. Set table as directed by camp staff.

Return butter trays, jugs, toast racks, spreads etc to server. Wipe down tables. Sweep or mop floors as necessary.

2 adults required each meal (Children are not permitted in our washing up area)

Report to the camp-wash kitchen. Wash the campers’ dishes using dishwasher.

Groups are required to bring their own biscuits and cakes for morning and afternoon tea and supper.

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